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The New Breakthrough in Fuel Purification: Griffin MicroPure Device

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GRIFFIN is excited to announce the launch of MicroPure System, an innovative system that improves fuel quality and kills diesel bugs. The system has 3 stages of bacterial elimination using exclusive technology namely:

1) Filtration of solid particulate and removal of moisture in suspension
2) Disruption of microbial cell-walls by opposing magnetic force-fields
3) Sterilization by an intense Ultra Violet light source

This system not only destroys microbial contaminants, it alters the environment in which it grows, resulting in the cleanest possible fuel to your engine. This system is indeed a breakthrough in fuel purification.

Nine out of ten boats with diesel engines will have some form of microbiological contamination or “diesel bug” growing in their tanks. There are an estimated 100 different types of diesel bugs internationally. With the reduction of sulfur levels in diesel and the introduction of biofuels, the number of vessels with fuel quality issues has increased markedly.

Along with the Griffin Fuel Filter Water Separator and our new technology, Griffin Group has launched the revolutionary MicroPure product
that will process D-grade diesel fuel through cleaning, sterilization, filtration to remove any contaminants, and reduction of moisture content to produce genuine A-grade fuel. This new product is a world first, and laboratory tests results have proven its A-grade effectiveness and reliability.

Fuel contamination can grow in any condition where diesel fuel is stored. Ridding your fuel of diesel bugs is not only good for your engine but also
beneficial to the environment. Clean, contaminant-free, and moisture-free fuel helps to protect your engine and its filters. It reduces nasty emissions and ensures your power plant runs as efficiently as possible.

Key Advantages

1. A completely integrated filtration unit with the Griffin MicroPure Device and Griffin Water Separator System

This integrated system will not only “polish” diesel into its cleanest form, but will also almost entirely destroy any traces of bacteria, yeast, and
fungi that are harmful to your engine. A combination of linear magnets and UV light filtration with water separating properties will result in your
fuel combusting in the most efficiently, with minimal environmental impact. Inspection ports are also ready-fit to your tank as the first line of
defense in detecting contamination.

2. Compact, portable, and durable storage of Griffin MicroPure Device in a sharp-looking unit

To give you convenience and to save space

3. Customized Design for large units built to your requirements and supply components to suit your needs

We cater to a range of diesel applications including ships, workboats, ferries, fuel bunkers, yachts, land base generator sets; or anywhere bulk
fuel is used.

GRIFFIN’s Vision is empowering a greener environment worldwide by reducing pollution and saving energy.

Ask your local Griffin distributor on available installation options of the MicroPure Device to complete your filtration system,
or contact us at for more information!